Casino 101 http://SPELACASINO.BIZ Tue, 05 Mar 2013 08:44:24 +0000 en-US hourly 1 No Deposit Online Casino Bonuses as a marketing development http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino-bonus/no-deposit-online-casino-bonuses-as-a-marketing-development/ http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino-bonus/no-deposit-online-casino-bonuses-as-a-marketing-development/#comments Sun, 01 Jan 2012 10:21:55 +0000 http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/no-deposit-online-casino-bonuses-as-a-marketing-development/ If you have just started out playing online, you may no deposit online casino sites with free money to look at registration. This will take you to various games on offer and choose the best without anything. People who are really struggling financially in the rule for a quick solution to their financial problems to seek and can find himself risking everything to their local casino. What they do not know is that they still win the chance to play big money, but without the application or the risk of their own money!

With thousands of online casinos to choose over the Internet and with many games, it is difficult to choose one that suits your needs. With no deposit casinos, people are now in a position to judge and decide which are worth spending in. Another advantage is that if a player wins, he or she is able to cash out real money . This is a good way to test it fully before deciding to jump into the gaming band wagon.

While no deposit bonuses can be viewed as a loss for the casino, it is to play one way for a new casino players the opportunity, without risk, in the hope that the players, the casino vascular ; filled at a regular player and put down the track. Obviously, no deposit online casinos from those who protect their generous offers abuse glance, there are usually several conditions that, before they need money to be met from the money that they are in the usually adequate. No deposit bonus new offer players the chance to risk big money without any own money to win.

While no deposit bonuses can be viewed as a loss for the casino, it is to play one way for a new casino players the opportunity, without risk, in the hope that the players, the casino vascular ; filled at a regular player and put down the track. To protect evidently no deposit online casi

There are three main classifications for casino bonuses:

- Depending on whether a deposit is required: deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses.

- Depending on whether a new or existing players: get bonuses and reload bonuses.

- Depending on the withdrawal restrictions: no risks, bonuses, bonuses and sticky bonuses normal

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You Should Have More Than A popular Online Casino http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino/you-should-have-more-than-a-popular-online-casino/ http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino/you-should-have-more-than-a-popular-online-casino/#comments Sun, 01 Jan 2012 10:20:42 +0000 http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/you-should-have-more-than-a-popular-online-casino/ It is not possible to determine objectively that an online casino that left hundreds of online casinos there is the most popular. Subjectively, it is easily seen: the most popular online casino for you is either one or the one with which you started, where you had to win the most important.

So let’s discuss what you should be your favorite online casino on an objective level. After all, if you do not would not be on the lookout for a new place to play, you probably reading this article. If you are looking to try a new gaming site, here is what to search.

Before money into an online casino gaming account, you will want to know that the site that it is a credible one. Check out the bono fides of the page carefully. Several committees oversee the legality of gaming software. Familiarize yourself with the who’s who.

The game menu is next. If slots are your thing, you will want to check the line-up before parting with your money.

Speed ​​is crucial. Poor end-user’s Internet connection and processing speed kills even the best casino set-up. But assuming you have something made in the last five years and a better than dial-up connection, you can still run into to bumps on the network connection speed.

Those who learn quickly about cable that Prime Time at the wrong time to do a little play. This is because more traffic on the local cable hub, the lower the connection speed for all users on the hub.

The initial deposit, which was also a bonus for new players to be one, but not you, the determining factor when all other factors being equal. Some casinos provide a major bonus but on their ongoing loyalty program pocket. For many, a 300 percent one-time sign-up bonus promo alone is worth a nights worth of serious games.

When thinking about your next most popular online casino, do not forget to think about monetary issues. The difference between the U.S. dollar and British pound is about 1.5 percent. There are casinos, their, their maximum bonus limit is used in one or two hundred unit, regardless of the currency. Assuming a website offers a 300 or 400 percent kicker add your first deposit with a limit of 100 pounds, dollars or euros. You can choose which currency you to have your deposit in a single click will. Deposit in the highest possible value currency, if you’re going to get enough down payment to the maximum bonus.

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Online Casino Bonus: Types of Bonuses Explained http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino-bonus/online-casino-bonus-types-of-bonuses-explained/ http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino-bonus/online-casino-bonus-types-of-bonuses-explained/#comments Sun, 01 Jan 2012 10:19:31 +0000 http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/online-casino-bonus-types-of-bonuses-explained/ To attract new players and keep the regulars who have online casino more than just high quality gaming – that is where many online casino bonuses come in. Each online casino requires you to play there and they try to offer the best of bonuses for you. Are offered with various types of bonuses by the online casino, it is very easy to confuse.

With numerous types of marketing actions on various types of online casino bonuses, the decision can be difficult, as you should use. Here are some of the bonuses from online casino are offered.

Welcome bonus / Sign Up Bonus

The most common bonus is offered to new players, the welcome bonus. This is usually depicted as a percentage and as may as 100% to $ 100, which means if you pay $ 100 Casino you will receive a $ 100 to play. The percentage bonuses, depending on the amount of the deposit and are usually somewhere between 50% and 500%.

There are two types of welcome bonuses:

Match Bonus

If you make your first deposit online casino, online casino will be matching your first deposit of certain amount of money. The bonuses are really the same just with different names. This type of deposit is usually offered again and again to the regular players a monthly promotion or can be offered if you use a certain payment.

No Deposit Bonus

Also known as Free Play Bonus are known in which you do not need any initial deposits, if you have registered in an online casino. No deposit bonuses can be very large, or there may be small. No deposit bonuses are a form of premium, which is not required to pay anything. The casino site just add money to your account, usually at the opening, an incentive to write, you start with them. Most of No Deposit Bonuses are around $ 10.

Monthly Bonus

Almost all casinos want you to play there regularly and that they keep on and offers monthly bonuses. Also known as reload bonuses, such as they come into play when the accounts at the online casino reloaded. They offer monthly premiums on a percentage basis, for example, 15% of the amount that you deposit in your account.

High-Roller Bonus

High Roller bonus to the players, the huge amounts of online casino deposit offered. Most of the time crosses a high roller bonus $ 1,000 Limit. They are also exclusive offers such as VIP club and other promotions and bonuses offered to make your gaming experience as pleasant as possible.

Refer-A-Friend Bonus

You can also one of your friends to get on the same online casino where you play. In this type of bonus, your friend needs your username in the referral box. If your friend with the same site, the play connects you with your name as a reference, the bonus will be offered. And if your friend to use the requirements, the additional amount will get credited to your casino account.

With various kinds of online casino bonuses available, it is very important that you begin all over these bonuses before playing at any online casino are.

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Casino Bonuses – What You Need To Know http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino-bonus/casino-bonuses-what-you-need-to-know/ http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino-bonus/casino-bonuses-what-you-need-to-know/#comments Sun, 01 Jan 2012 10:15:43 +0000 http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino-bonuses-what-you-need-to-know/ There are many online casinos offer a truly authentic casino experience from home. Since there are so many, they are all competing for loyal customers. Most are now to entice with bonuses for new players and experienced players from other sites. However, when it comes to casino bonuses – you need to know is that there are often strings attached that make it less attractive to the bonus.

You should always study the terms and conditions carefully and make sure you each clause. You can ask the casino, the offer and the clause so that you have everything in writing e-mail.

There are several things that you look for when deciding whether a bonus. The different types of bonuses have different terms, but to look with all of them the main requirements bet. This can also be used as minimum bets. This is the amount of money you have to bet to claim the bonus offered. Sometimes this is a small amount like ten times your original bet, but sometimes it can be very large. This means that you may have five or $ 600 deposit to receive a bonus and profits associated claim.

No deposit bonuses are a popular way to acquire new players a casino. All you have to do is to register and open an account and deposit the casino some money to your account. These bonuses are usually quite small, about twenty dollars. However, there are usually play through requirements and are looking for maximum gains. For example, you can get a bonus with no deposit of thirty dollars with a play through requirement of twenty times. That means you have to bet $ 600 before you can claim any profits derived from the bonus money, but you can only be in a position to demand profits of twenty dollars.

Match deposit bonuses are very common, and some are a good deal. However, it may terms that restrict you as to claim the money. Sometimes it is not possible to match the demand amount in one lump sum. Some you will find that you have to make additional payments, and that the money be used only on certain games.

Playing Online Casino Games and betting your money it is always advisable to use care. There are a lot of review sites that provide tips and bonuses of game that will help you to avoid pitfalls. Some also have forums where players write about their experiences so that you can learn a lot from your other users.

Online casino bonus can be a good way to increase your money if you play smart. However, you should always read all the terms on which an offer of a casino.

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Free online casino could make a lot of fun http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino/free-online-casino-could-make-a-lot-of-fun/ http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino/free-online-casino-could-make-a-lot-of-fun/#comments Sun, 01 Jan 2012 10:14:35 +0000 http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/free-online-casino-could-make-a-lot-of-fun/ It is not difficult to find a free online casino. There are many options and variations available, as well as for those who are interested to play casino games. All Star Slots prides itself as Vegas-style slot machines along with table games and video poker. But the best feature is the $ 777 bonus, free casino that makes it even more tempting.

Likewise, you can take advantage of 125% Deposit Bonus of $ 125 on sites like Slots Plus Casino. The bonuses will be larger with online casinos like Club World Casino, which offers a welcome bonus of $ 1000. Players can also enjoy high-quality casino software to play fast and, above all, quick payouts of winnings. If you are looking for a good free online casino, you have to make a website that payments very quickly and has a credible gaming software, which is good to find.

In terms of software there are several types of online casinos. Each of them has its own conditions and restrictions. For example, RTG casinos allow U.S. players, while many other casinos do not. Even the Vegas Technology is that U.S. and Canada known players. Each free online casino has a number of new games, which always keep every month. Micro gaming, for example, a list of 275 slots at many casinos to use their software. In terms of software for online casinos are the best known are crypto-logic, waterworks casinos, Vegas Technology casinos, Rival Gaming Casinos and Partech casinos. RTG is well known by all these casinos.

Similarly, each of the different types of software offers a completely new set of gaming machines. At the end of the day could offer a free online casino slot machines, hundreds of which vary in payouts, themes, symbols, roles, and sometimes the rules. Since there is so much choice it is important for the players to keep their wits about them and ensure that they engage with the real casinos.

Initially, the software should be no problems of its own. You must also ensure that the software has not been manipulated to favor the house. Top players forums will always lead discussions on such topics as online casinos, which have a more authentic than the others. Finally, you can play with the free registration and bonus to your favorite game and then decide.

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Have You Met The Metro? Check Out Its’ offers! http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino/have-you-met-the-metro-check-out-its-offers/ http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino/have-you-met-the-metro-check-out-its-offers/#comments Sun, 01 Jan 2012 10:11:13 +0000 http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/have-you-met-the-metro-check-out-its-offers/ Do you know the subway?

So I’m sure all of you have a copy of the Metro paper picked up on the way to work, school or other random places that you were no doubt – but what many of you do not seem to know is that the Metro proud owner of three very funny, exciting and entertaining gaming platforms.

MEcasino is a very popular addition to Metro gambling portfolio and receives regular coverage in the metro paper with their constantly updated offers. Her youngest is a fantastic £ 15 free on your first deposit – 150% Deposit Bonus Game if you use the coupon code MECAS4. With some of your favorite casino games like roulette, blackjack, video poker, baccarat and some great slot machines – incredible bonus offers and updated deals – why not check it out today.

MEarcade is the transition time platform for all you bingo enthusiasts looking for a jump, or for all you lovers of slot machine. With its £ 15 Free offer, if you use the coupon code ARCD15 – another 150% deposit match bonus opportunity – you will certainly have a great time. Steps to Stardom, Monopoly, Cluedo, Hole in the Wall, Monte Carlo billion tons and more, where you can win jackpots well over the £ 100,000 mark could: put in a fantastic slots games like X Factor! Take a look today.

MEbingo is the last part of her trio stubborn and not let them down. Enjoy 2? put free no deposit offer with the coupon code BGNP2 and in different types of bingo and casino games to GTECH G2 brand new bingo platform. Playing with fantastic chat masters, huge jackpots and great promotions on their side – this is the place to be!

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5 No Deposit Bonus / 200% to $ 100 FREE Bonus – Giggle Bingo http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino-bonus/5-no-deposit-bonus-200-to-100-free-bonus-giggle-bingo/ http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino-bonus/5-no-deposit-bonus-200-to-100-free-bonus-giggle-bingo/#comments Sun, 01 Jan 2012 10:10:07 +0000 http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/5-no-deposit-bonus-200-to-100-free-bonus-giggle-bingo/ Review of Giggle Bingo

Welcome Deposit Bonus: $ 100

Bonus Match: 200%

No Deposit Bonus: 5

Overall rating: 8.50 / 10

Spec rating. CHECK

Started recently, there has been massive progress in building a new online bingo community based on fun and jokes around, while the elements of the superior is based online bingo games. Giggle Bingo has two domains – USA and Canada – and offers both types of bingo (90-Ball, 75-Ball), as well as casino games. The humorous aspect of this brand makes it the perfect selling point to acquire new players and earn additional revenue. Daily, weekly and monthly promotions, a standard feature in this bingo room.

Features include:

Software: Microgaming Games: 90 ball bingo, slots, video poker, roulette, blackjack Banking: 128-bit encryption, digital banking systems with many alternative payment options Support: 24/365 toll-free, e-mail and call -back support

Bonus Plan

200% up to £ 100 on your first Deposit. 50% up to £ 100 is for all your bingo deposit.Giggle two domains – USA and Canada – and offers both types of bingo


Started recently, there has been massive progress in building a new online bingo community based on fun and jokes around, while the elements of the superior is based online bingo games. Giggle Bingo has two domains – USA and Canada – and offers both types of bingo (90-Ball, 75-Ball), as well as casino games. The humorous aspect of this brand makes it the perfect selling point to acquire new players and earn additional revenue. Daily, weekly and monthly promotions, a standard feature in this bingo room.

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The legalities of online casinos http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino/the-legalities-of-online-casinos/ http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino/the-legalities-of-online-casinos/#comments Sun, 01 Jan 2012 10:08:04 +0000 http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/the-legalities-of-online-casinos/ Gambling has long been one of the most important adult pastime in almost every country in the world, and how the Internet has become technically demanding, entrepreneurs around the world programmed online casino games so that the people to talk to each corner of the globe. A corner of the globe, but has tried to torpedo, gambling on the Internet: the United States. The good news is that the technology is outdated for a long time to regulate, and even today millions of Americans bet money in online casinos. Here’s what you know about internet casinos.

Online poker has become big business are all over the world, and many serious players familiar with the diversity of the Internet card rooms in operation today. Full Casino offers like slot machines, roulette, blackjack, craps and keno are relatively new on the market. Other popular games such as bingo and video poker can now be found online. Obviously it is easier for unscrupulous outfits shaded tables and fraud as their players in the real world all, but a lot of websites to ensure you check the offers available, you will find the most popular and trustworthy to suspicious online casino games.

But how should the U.S. based players without playing in trouble? Online casinos are usually organized outside the United States, either in Canada, Great Britain, the Caribbean or Asia. Some of the most refined and most popular online casino games such as Virgin Casino does not accept U.S. players. Others accept most U.S. players, but exclude from the most heavily regulated states. A number of other accepts all U.S. players, and the work on secure internet merchant programs, which require the most invitation to join. To facilitate the process, offer the casinos that you back up the invitation, and the merchants of the process by asking you to fax ID, you can pay off before.

The State of New Jersey is ready to offer the first U.S. state legal Internet gambling, a result of the unrest in the state budget. The proposal, which would supposedly only open to residents of New Jersey, would raise about $ 55 million per year in new tax revenue, the government expects to fight in Atlantic City casinos is that they almost $ 200 million to make for themselves. It remains to be seen how closely the quarantine on players outside of New Jersey, but past experience shows that opportunities for players in other States, are expected to participate in the fun.

Due to the high intensity of competition between the different online casinos offer large deposit bonuses and offers many an extra $ 500 – $ 1000 forward, or doubling your initial order. This is an advantage rarely found in real world casinos, and for those who do not care about the money, but enjoy the games, online casino games have often enjoy free versions of your own home ; s. No real casinos offer such an opportunity and the chance of betting strategies work, can card game skills and other techniques to make anyone a better gamer.

Online casino games and the Internet changing the world of gambling, using the best technology to more people enjoy the history of popular games.

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Top 3 tips for the best online casino to Have Fun http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino/top-3-tips-for-the-best-online-casino-to-have-fun/ http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/casino/top-3-tips-for-the-best-online-casino-to-have-fun/#comments Sun, 01 Jan 2012 10:06:17 +0000 http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/top-3-tips-for-the-best-online-casino-to-have-fun/ Are you tired of having to finding the best place for online casino fun? Then you have a look at the top 3 tips mentioned below to find out an upright online casino that offers the best casino experience! Tip # 1Always play with the free money first. This tip is in almost every American casino guide book ever written! All popular online casinos offer you some free money as the sign-up bonus. Use this money to see, different games on a website. Play them. See if the quality and gameplay. Too often, players can quickly jump the gun and at the end of the deposit a significant amount of money, only to find out which games are not worth it to try something. Dont let this happen to you, and always the games with the free money first.Tip # 2 If you go book by an American casino guide, you will always register with a casino that gives you hefty deposit bonuses. A casino that gives you a significant amount of money for free as a top-up to your deposit is definitely the one you are with! Tip # 3If should register a casino rolled up valuable promotional offers from time to time, there is nothing like it! Take advantage of such actions is the easiest way to add more to your wealth, and suggested perhaps the best way to make money than by an American Casino Guide. But one must also know what you’re using. Catchy online casino promotions promising safe, but that does not mean you should go ahead and use them blindly. In fact, theres a lot more pressure on the letters that the huge amounts of money that you can get for free! So you are ready to find the casino that’s your best game? Well, the above tips, as mentioned a tool and your work is easier. All the best!

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The advantages of online slot machines http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/slots/the-advantages-of-online-slot-machines/ http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/slots/the-advantages-of-online-slot-machines/#comments Sun, 01 Jan 2012 10:05:52 +0000 http://SPELACASINO.BIZ/the-advantages-of-online-slot-machines/ There is no question that the game online slot machine gives players one-two punch: you can use the fun and excitement of gambling and playing the slots and be dressed comfortably and still enjoy sitting in your own home. There is also no need for an additional cost for a taxi or public transportation to do with gas in order to travel to your nearest land-based casino. You can also have the luxury and convenience to you decide to play at any time, with online sites are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just take your time and come and go as you please. They also have no need to worry about the dress code! It is easy on the surface to see why online gaming is in popularity over the last years.However mushrooms are online slot machines are inherently better than their land-based cousins ? Of course, opinions are divided, but to do online slot machines have certain advantages over land-based ones.First, produce the best online casinos and have an independently audited post-disbursement reports, the players and potential players to give good indication of their chances and just how fair the particular casino is. As a result, and because of the independence of these reports, you have a great idea, whether or not a casino game is fair or not.Obviously get is the first advantage of an online slot machine that you have not just don ‘t no travel long distance to play, but it is none of the frustration of the queue for a slot machine or waiting to be available. In addition, you have not before some frustrated players behind you waiting to play their part. Easy start and finish, if you wish. You can also set your own smoking policy! Next, the general tendency of the distribution to better on-line slots as on land-based. In some cases, the odds may be as much as 6-7% better if you play online, although some land-based casinos are known to publicly known to significantly higher than normal fares on selected slot machines with as few much as a 97% payout, but these machines are rare and offers few and far between.In every gaming terms, but especially in the slots, you do not want any advantage you get – and this is an excellent hotel. Most online casinos tend to deposit bonuses, the very generous sum amounts can have, in fact, perhaps matching your deposit dollar for dollar. Start by double-the-money, you get twice the number of spins, giving you more opportunities and more enjoyment. Another great feature of the online slot machines is that there are regular slot tournaments, and online, you can always find a tournament, if you want to play in one. This can add great variety to your game and add it to your pleasure in all.Finally, most online casinos slots where players can play for free, some of them with a free trial period for new players the site can see that there are many advantages to playing online slots as happy spinning!

The highlight of the Iron Man Slots game is its Missile Attack Bonus round where a player can win cash prizes as well as free spins with multipliers. To crown it all, this slot machine is linked to the Marvel Progressive Jackpot.
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